"Never lose another golf ball"


Reel Putter - Golf Training Aid & Novelty Club

The Reel putter is an amazing new training-aid that effectively improves the putting stroke by allowing a golfer to practice almost anywhere at anytime. A customer favorite for golfers, this putter is the easiest to practice with because it eliminates scrambling for balls after practice putts - thanks to the attached reel you can simply wind in the ball back in after each shot. The superior design of this club allows the fishing line to be attached to the ball in such a way that prevents any interference from the line on the path of the ball. So every time you hit the ball you get a smooth, perfection roll right to the cup. The Reel Putter is perfect for confined areas like family rooms, or offices not to mention a great club to have in the bag right before you tee off for some practice on the putting green. The putter is an authentic 32" metal club with rubber grip, and the reel is a quality spin cast model that holds a 10-lb. test line attached to a regulation size golf ball.

Remember, only practice makes perfect.

35 1/2” L. (2 lbs.)........$69.95

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